What is architecture?

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There is no a correct answer to this question. Each architect has a different definition of what architecture is depending on how they feel it, how they connect or how they express it. Many say that architecture is the art of creating, designing and projecting buildings. Others, however, say that it is a language without vocabulary, without signs, without an accent… they say that it is how the imagination talks with the tangible world. There are other people who say that architecture is a set of things, that it is so abundant that is impossible to define it completely and exactly, since it encompasses the discipline, vocation, talent, order, culture, identity, history, space, material and what is not material, what is felt, what is thought, etc.

There are some opinions of great architects about what architecture is:

  • “Architecture is the starting point for those who want to lead humanity towards a better future”. Le Corbusier
  • “Architecture is unnecessarily difficult, very difficult”. Zaha Hadid
  • “Architecture is shaping the places where people live, it is not more complicated than that, but not easier than that”. Alejandro Aravena
  • “Architecture is an expression of values – the way we build is a reflection of the way we life”. Norman Foster
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As I said, each architect has a different opinion about what architecture is. Even I, that who am not an architect yet but I am on my way to being one. I could say that architecture is everything… from what we see to what we don’t see. And that is our power, we are what there is not and what already exists.


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