After read a text about mi future experience in my career I´ve stayed with much of what this text offers me. Being an architect goes further just wanting, although “want” is the beginning for everything. Being an architect is a lifestyle and to be one of the best if not that the best we have to start taking some habits that enrich us as architects but more as people. Being architect is leave our comfort zone and begin to see everything in detail and in another way that we used to.  

The author practically tell us that this career is full time, lifetime to be exact. Is not going back  home and stop being an architect… it’s that while we go home we continue seeing our surroundings as if we were children again, those children surprise by everything they see.

Also something that this text leaves me is that during my studies I will meet great people, architects whom I will take a thousand of things. I’ll be a collection of their teachings plus my enthusiasm… I hope to do something magnificent with that.