I usually walk very fast and looking at a fixed point, I’m more of those who stop in the middle of the street to admire something because I cannot do it if I’m moving, I feel that the details are not enjoyed. I was sitting in the park, I didn’t feel very well that day but the moment I stopped looking at my cell phone and concentrated on the buildings that surrounded me, that feeling of sadness I had left, I felt calm. I saw them so tall, so bright in the sunlight and suddenly details that I had not seen begin to appear, figures that were made of stone in the most subtle and elegant way possible. That day I realized what I hadn’t realized.

The details are something that change everything, in this case I’m captivated by its height and the reflection of the sunlight in it. Seeing it so high made me think that one day I would reach the top, that everything would be fine and that I would be able to endure life just as that building had endured for many years. The light came from one side, you could see the shadows of the small details making them even more visible and significant, it looked warm … sure.

That day I understood that architecture has always influenced our mood, something that many don’t know or haven’t noticed.

How good it would be for the world to understand what it sees and love what it learns

Taken by me