I always wondered about how an architect started a project, how among so many ideas he chose one or even could manage to see them in the disorder of his head and it wasn’t until I started  studying the career of architecture that I understood. I see objects and in my head I image them on a large scale, then I make them accessible and habitable and I realize that creativity is in everything, in every corner of the world and that it is even tangible.  

However, I hadn’t noticed that architecture is in minimal things until I investigated where the ideas of the architects of some works came from such as:

The Dubai Frame located in Dubai. This work was inspired by the frame of a painting, thus capturing a structure 150 meters high and 93 meters long, which literally seems like a frame that delimits the silhouette of the city.


Another work inspired by some object is the Lotus Flower building located in Wujin, China. This building was inspired by what its name says: the lotus flower. STUDIO505 architects decided to do it this way to encourage people’s creativity.

Like these, many building and structures were inspired by simple, everyday things that ended up as great and beautiful works. You have to transform everything into a tool or inspiration.