The year 2020 has been one of the strangest years we have lived, as a pandemic came and left us all in our homes without being able to leave, which went from being the place we called home to feeling like a prison. Many felt overwhelmed, the spaces weren´t the best nor were their distribution, colors, light and even the aroma. The year 2020 was the year in which we learned many things, among them the importance of architecture.

2020 demonstrated at its maximum power what psychology is in architecture and even people outside of architecture noticed certain things that they didn’t see before or believed insignificant. We could see that for a home to be well distributed it has to be the largest. We also noticed the importance of natural light, the more light we perceive a space, the more we save energy, the more we feel as if we were outside. Another important thing that we were able to demonstrate was colors, colors are something that greatly influence the human brain to such a degree that they can influence our emotions, thoughts and even actions.

In 2020, I realized how wonderful architecture is and how important it is for everyone’s life and that here the little things are absolutely everything.

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