I admire those architects who change everything without changing anything, that is, how someone can do something innovative, functional and beautiful while following the contrast of the landscape. Before I thought  that an architect was limited by it, because he had to maintain order, it was not until I saw some good work that I understood that for a good architect there are no limitations.

A great example is the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York. In this work we can see how that landscape was outlined by straight lines and pale colors, large buildings but without any curves. However, they knew how to subtly but visibly make a building that would break with these.

Aforementioned straight lines without looking like something that didn’t fit. And this is where it is confirmed that the contrast goes beyond just a continuity of similar structures, it is knowing how to play with shapes and dare to fit in something that at first glance seems that they don’t combine.

Before, I believed that the architect lived in a limited world, I hadn’t realized that for an architect that word doesn’t exist.