The Current Architect 

An architect is a person legally qualified to practice architecture, or that is the concept that the RAE gives us. However, being an architect goes far beyond that concept.

Being an architect is being an artist capable of imagining a space that responds to human needs and bringing it to real and tangible life. It is the art of connecting in an incredible way, without speaking, without listening, without singing, without dancing, without anything… it is the power to make a building and / or another space tell the story of the world in which we live.

To be an architect is to be the artist in real life.


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To be an architect you need more than will, you need talent and patience, commitment and discipline.

To be a good architect we must learn to:

Observe: we are used to seeing but not observing and that is the great mistake of humanity, we do not see beyond what the eyes allow us. Therefore, we must deepen and analyze what we see to understand it and in this way be more realistic and practical when it comes to making our ideas a project. It is also very helpful: drawing, because in this way you practice the process of projecting reality on a sheet; traveling, in this way we get new points of view and expand our imagination to the size of the world and much more; reading, this leads us to places where a body cannot go, intangible places that man has not yet made «reality» that nevertheless exist in the capacity to imagine. All this will help us to be better thinkers and creators to contribute to the world what is inside us

Think: the most important thing to think is knowing how to explain it. It is useless to have a million ideas if we do not know how to translate them into the real world. Another thing that is important when thinking is that we must be critical, superstitious and curious … we cannot settle for anything, even if that nothing is bigger than us. Also learn to think collectively, share ideas with colleagues. Understand what they think, not compare it because whoever compares never wins their own race but the other’s.

Create: to create we need to know, nobody creates something without having to see where to start it. For this, it is good to know the ancient and modern techniques of architecture, its structure, its distribution, its materials and the combination of these. To create we must first understand what is already created and in this way have the ability to solve new needs of the human being and beautify life itself.


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“To be an architect is to know to recognize and interpret the reality that surrounds us, but also to be able to dream and imagine things that doesn’t exist yet.

The architect works the sight, by perceiving and interpreting the piece of world in which he is immersed, but he also uses his hand to define and shape new objects, to change his environmental. Eye and hand are united in a single mental process that connects what exist whit is dreamt”. Alberto Muñoz Cosme.


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