a few days ago I saw a movie called «Midnight Sun”, based on a girl with a strange disease that prevented her from going out during the day, because the sunlight could cause severe problems to the point of death. She lasted 17 years inside her house and used to go out at night with limited time, just before dawn.

This movie made me think of the house where she lived, because it had special glass so that the ultra violet light didn’t enter and in this way she was safe. How many people suffer from an illness or disability that prevents them from moving freely around the world so they decide or have to stay at home. As a construction it provides them with what they need.

There are many people in the world who don’t have the capacity or who lost the ability to do things by themselves, therefore, I believe that smart homes have a purpose that goes far beyond aesthetics and modernity, it so facilitate even more the daily life of people.

Many people and great thinkers say that technology is going to make man useless, but if we look at it from the good side, technology is giving disabled people the opportunity to live with dignity, it’s giving the opportunity to those that life itself took care of taking away. Technological architecture is the future of a better life, without neglecting the environment in the process.