Phase 1. To meet an architect

Oscar Niemeyer

«Architecture is something that has a bit of fantasy, like poetry. It is not a rigid thing, something that can be solved with a ruler and bevel, it is something that grows well, like a dream.»  Oscar Niemeyer



Oscar Niemeyer or also known as “the poet of curves” was an architect born in Brazil, country which he left his best architectural works such as “Cathedral of Brasilia”, “Contemporary Art Museum in Niteroi” building that he made in his 100 years old, and others  more. Niemeyer graduated as engineer architect in the School of Fine Arts (Brazil). And his first project built was “Cradle Work” made in 1937. Niemeyer was known for his great contribution in the modern architecture using curves in his concrete structures. He never interested in theories, slang and cliches. His curves were always precise and with him he carried an ideal that some would call simple and innocent: bring beauty to the world.

For me, Oscar Niemeyer had his own concept about what it’s architecture or what it’s like to be an architect. He balanced his life and his career, he lived the life he wanted and he left to the world what he dreamed. His architecture is amazing, how he made a structure look so light such as “Da Alvorada Palace” or how he made a structure look so imponent such as “Cathedral of Brazil” every project made by him carried with it the idea that straight lines were not protagonist, for he said he hated them as much as he came to hate capitalism. Niemeyer understood the concept of curves and its use on a real plane, thing that many people perhaps understand it but they don’t dare to do it. Is that making a structure dances without moving is from a real artist.


It’s not the right angle that attracts me.

 Not the straight, hard, inflexible,

created by man.

What attracts me is the free curve

 and sexy. The curve I find in mountains of

 my country, on the winding course

of its rivers, in the clouds of heaven, in the body

of the beloved woman.

The universe is made of curves.

Einstein’s curved universe.


Oscar Niemeyer



«The main characteristic of a work of art is astonishment, surprise. That is the important thing. In architecture, the best there is… is the architectural spectacle.»  He always said that his concern was the astonishment, that his main purpose at the end of a project was people saw something new, strange… extraordinary and it’s something that I share with him and one of the main reasons why I chose this career, the meaning of having the “power” to beautify the world and make people can dream, can be wondered and be dazzled with my job.

This man lived almost 105 years and is one of the fathers of the modern Latin American architecture, style that gives to the architecture a new path. He went his own way, was applied  and to his career but he knew how to separate it from his personal life. He didn’t let his life get in the way of his work or his work interrupt his life. He made art, beautified his country and to me he was one of the best. So I chose him because he is an ideal of how far I wanted to go.













Phase 2. Reading and comprehension of a text of reflections.


I´ve stayed with much of what this text offers me. Being an architect goes further just wanting, although “want” is the beginning for everything. Being an architect is a lifestyle and to be one of the best if not that the best we have to start taking some habits that enrich us as architects but more as people. Being architect is leave our comfort zone and begin to see everything in detail and in another way that we used to.  

The author practically tell us that this career is full time, lifetime to be exact. Is not going back  home and stop being an architect… it’s that while we go home we continue seeing our surroundings as if we were children again, those children surprise by everything they see.

Also something that this text leaves me is that during my studies I will meet great people, architects whom I will take a thousand of things. I’ll be a collection of their teachings plus my enthusiasm… I hope to do something magnificent with that.